Warranties and Guarantees
We love standing behind our work!  Why?  Because honestly, it’s the easiest thing we do.  When the job is done right and done well like the Red Shirt Guys do it, all the hard work is done when we leave your home.  Our warranties and guarantees just back up the top-notch service you’ve already received.

 Wade Culler Roofing
Wade Culler Roofing guarantees 100% of our installation workmanship for the lifetime of the product installed in residential applications. This is in addition to the standard manufacturer’s warranty for the materials installed. We guarantee the workmanship of the labor portion of your job. If there is a problem with any aspect of the labor portion of the installation, Wade Culler Roofing will repair the problem at no cost to homeowner.

 Wade Culler Roofing
The cleanup after the roofing job is an extremely important part of the overall customer experience, which makes it extremely important to us.
We want you to say nice things about us to your friends and neighbors and that probably won’t happen if we botch the cleanup.  So, once the job is complete, we don’t want there to be any evidence we were there except for your beautiful new roof!

 Wade Culler Roofing
Zero Roof Expense for 10 Years!

In addition to our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty, when you hire us to replace your roof, you’re covered by our Roof Maintenance Program, which includes bi-annual roof inspections and cleanings.
Every two years we check your roof for potential problems and make any necessary repairs.* We sweep the roof clear of accumulated leaves and/or pine straw and clean the gutters. We even replace all plumbing pipe boots after ten years! All at no additional cost to you.
*This guarantee does not include roof damage covered by home-owners/property insurance or lack thereof such as hail, wind, downed trees or limbs, fire, flood, or earthquakes. This warranty also does not include defects in products and materials provided by the manufacturer for the roof installation.